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Vilafonté | Masterclass

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Welcome to the Vilafonté Masterclass Course, where you can become an accredited wine advisor for Vilafonté and grow your beverage knowledge by learning directly from the winemaker.
Join Mike as he leads you through his vineyards and wine cellar, and have the unique experience of learning from this leading South African winemaker.

In this course you will:

  • Gain key insights into the History, Terroir, and Winemaking Philosophy of Vilafonté Wines;
  • Get first hand knowledge about the cutting edge technology used in Vilafonté's vineyards;
  • Find out the secret behind Vilafonté’s passions and successes for Bordeaux style red blend wines;
  • Discover the three handcrafted world class wines that Vilafonté has to offer; and
  • Learn how to successfully pair wines and confidently recommend them to guests.

Course Outline

The Vilafonté Masterclass Course has been designed to be user-friendly allowing you, the student, to easily track your progress using the Progress tab while completing the course. Each course begins with an Introduction, Winemaking Philosophy, and History section. Next you will learn first hand about the unique Location, Vineyard Practices, and Winemaking techniques that have made the three wines of Vilafonté Wine an internationally acclaimed wine brand. The Vilafonté Wine Range section will provide you with all the knowledge you need to confidently recommend wines to your guests. In each section you will find captivating videos, in-depth topic notes, as well as a fun and challenging Test Your Knowledge quiz.

The Discussion Forum provides a platform where you can interact with the Vilafonté Masterclass Course Tutor as well as fellow students currently completing the course. Scenarios based questions will be asked by your tutor on the Discussion Forum. These discussions are designed to give you the opportunity to master the art of recommending Vilafonté wines. You will be able to discuss the various wines on this forum with fellow students, and share ideas and sales techniques with each other.

It's recommended that you print out the Vilafonté Masterclass Printable Notes before beginning the course. These notes can be found on the Vilafonté Masterclass Contents page under the heading Course Handouts (which is located on the right hand side of the screen). Another printable resource available under the Course Handouts is the Vilafonté Cheat Sheet which provides a detailed overview for each of the wines in ther Wines range. This Cheat Sheet can be used to help refresh your knowledge about the various Vilafonté Wines on offer.

Once you've completed all five sections (including the Test Your Knowledge quizzes) of the Vilafonté Masterclass Course you will write The Ultimate Test Your Knowledge quiz on Vilafonté Wines. The course pass rate is a minimum of 70%. The Test Your Knowledge quizzes make up 60% of your final mark while The Ultimate Test Your Knowledge quiz makes up the other 40% of your final mark for the Vilafonté Masterclass Course.

Are you ready to become an expert on Vilafonté wines?... Absolutely!
Well, then let's get you started on this exciting journey of becoming an accredited Vilafonté Wines advisor!


You should have completed the Beverageintelligence Wine101 course and been nominated as a Wine Advisor in your property.

Course Staff

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Allister is the CEO and founder of Under the Influence and an experienced member of the Beverageintelligence training team, having educated staff in over 250 lodge and hotel properties across the continent. He loves wines from Elgin and the right bank of Bordeaux.
Allister is passionate about building confidence and drinks skills among learners on the African continent.

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Chad heads up the Customer Success mission in the business and is super passionate about delivering great service and loads of value to customers. He loves being on the ground with customers, working side by side with their teams to craft the most beautiful beverage offering and journey through the wonderful world of Beverageintelligence education and training. As the remarkable Nelson Mandela said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Chad loves discovering new and wonderful wines from both South Africa and further afield, and has a soft spot for a perfectly oaked Chardonnay. Delicious!

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Richard is the Couse Curator for the Beverageintelligence Vilafonté Masterclass and Wine 101 Online Course. He is passionate about sharing his wine knowledge to others by creating online education tools. Richard’s happy place is the kitchen where he likes to be creative and prepare great meals to share with friends and family. He has been introduced in the world of wine by his father and like him has strong preference for wine from the Graves Appellation of Bordeaux.
When he is not thinking “cooking” and “wine”, Richard’s thinks “swimming”, “trail running” and “mountain biking”. He loves to discover the great outdoors of South Africa on his bike or by foot.

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