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Bar 101 | Online Course

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About This Course

The variety of spirits on the market today is vast and every drink's character reveals something about its history and and the techniques used in its production. Looking at this array of beverages can be a little intimidating, complicated by the fact that brands are constantly reinventing and refreshing themselves. This course will help you navigate the world of spirits and ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to master the basics of bartending. Even with the huge variety of spirits available most people will prefer to stick to drinking their trusted favourites, but you will soon have the confidence to recommend a host of spirits and cocktails, ensuring your guests get the best possible service and bar experience..

Course Outline

The Bar101 Online Course has been designed to be user-friendly. In each section you will find topic notes and videos. captivating videos. If you want to dig deeper into the amazing world of spirits and bar tending don’t hesitate to click on the link we added to the notes for some amazing extra information on each topic.

The Discussion Forum provides a platform where you can interact with the Bar101 Course Tutor as well as fellow students currently completing the course. Scenarios based questions will be asked by your tutor on the Discussion Forum. These discussions are designed to give you the opportunity to master the art of recommending spirits and cocktails. You will be able to discuss the various bar service topics on this forum with fellow students, and share ideas and sales techniques with each other.

It's recommended that you print out the Bar101 Printable Notes before beginning the course. These notes can be found on the Bar101 Online Course Contents page under the heading Course Handouts (which is located on the right hand side of the screen).

So at the end of this course you are going to be informed, empowered, and be able to deliver the ultimate service to your guests.

Let’s get started!

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Richard is the Course Curator for the Beverageintelligence University Online Course. He is passionate about sharing his wine and service knowledge to others by creating online education tools. Richard’s happy place is the kitchen where he likes to be creative and prepare great meals to share with friends and family. He has been introduced in the world of wine by his father and like him has strong preference for wine from the Graves Appellation of Bordeaux.

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